Propel and structure front-end innovation with our proven workshops.



A dynamic training and workshop approach geared towards knowledge transfer to design, implement, and optimize the front-end innovation system allowing you to strengthen your position in the market.

Specifically, you will learn to:

  Structure your innovation projects based on the inBe’s® front-end innovation
 Develop and strengthen market research and validation practices
 Identify and seize opportunities for innovation through the voice of the customer
 Develop differentiating value propositions in the form of minimum viable products
 Identify winning attributes and turn them into innovative product concepts

Dynamic workshops taught by innovation experts


Start by anchoring your performance in innovation with this introduction to inBe’s® front-end innovation methodology

Customer-centric front-end innovation training (2-3 hours) and post-training coaching/audit sessions (2-3 hours).

  The mind set of today’s innovators
  Customer-centric front-end innovation approach
  Front-end innovation rules
  Registration of the training

Preparation and launch of a project:

Plan the steps to a foolproof test plan: Define, Plan, Conceptualize

Training and coaching to start an FEI project (2-3 hours).

  Mapping the external environment
  Defining the project
  Selecting market validation techniques
(Surveys, Interviews, Co-creation, In-home tests, other)
  Project plan
  $2,500 (must have completed the M1 training)

Opportunity analysis:

Conduct a needs analysis of your target customers to understand the current state and validate/identify innovation opportunities

   Value chain and customer journey mapping
   Stakeholder and competitor analysis
   Development of effective opportunity exploration questionnaires
   Definition of customer personas and “jobs to be done” 
   Identification of opportunities and strategic positioning convergence


* According to the needs

Value proposition:

Refine the design of a value proposition and learn how to successfully design and test a minimum viable product to target winning attributes.

  Value propositions and minimum viable products
  Definition of value propositions
  Development of effective and appropriate questionnaires for the validation of value propositions
Identification of winning attributes and messages

* According to the needs


How to successfully conduct concept testing to target key messages for promotion.


  Concept validation
  Development of effective and appropriate questionnaires for product concept validation and marketing
   Identification of improvements to the concepts
  Development of the winning marketing strategy

* According to the needs

You are starting from scratch in innovation and you want to know everything to perform effectively?

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