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The NomadLab service allows you to conduct taste and usage tests of your products with sample boxes sent directly to pre-selected consumers!



Ideal to better understand consumer perceptions and help you fine-tune your strategies!

You can use this type of test to:

  • test the food product formulation;

  • better understand product consumption behaviors and habits;

  • test your brand image and packaging;

  • gather purchase intent for new products;

  • test different concepts to help you narrow down to the most promising one;

1. Test plan

We define the objectives with you and design the questionnaire

2. Samples

We take care of all the logistics of preparing and sending the samples and recruiting the target consumers.

3. Feedback

We compile the results via our web platform Inbe.

4. Analysis

You will receive a complete report of the results as well as our recommendations to help you in your decision making.

The NomadLab service was developed in collaboration with:


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