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On the inBe platform, users can suggest ideas, give feedback to one another, and stay connected during innovation projects. You can continue to approach problems from fresh angles, and consistently present solutions that consumers actually want over time.

Gain valuable consumer insights
It is key to focus on consumer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement. When your consumers share their voice in real-time with your organization, they expect you to listen, act and report back to them.
Listen to consumers wherever they are.

Prompt users to give real-time feedback with advanced behavioral and demographic targeting.
Seamlessly capture the voice of your consumers through a secure technology platform.
Get more context by gathering visual feedback and technical details to quickly identify areas of improvement.

Send surveys to the right person at the right time.

Quickly send surveys that match the look and feel of your brand.

Personalize surveys with consumer data for a tailored experience that increases response rates.

Target the right audience based on consumer attributes and behaviors. inBe taps into a committed consumer community ready to give you feedback on your concepts, products, services, value propositions, and more!

Experience what your consumers experience.

Home Testing

Easy steps to better understand consumer perceptions and help you fine-tune your strategies

Test Design And Questionnaire

We create a full report of the results with our recommendations to help you make decisions.

Respondent Recruitment

We recruit consumers who meet the target by tapping into our community of respondents.

Product Sample Logistics

We handle the logistics of getting your products to the target consumers.

Real-Time Feedback

We compile the results via our secure web platform in real time and ensure the quality of the responses.

Analysis & Results

We create a full report of the results with our recommendations to help you make decisions.

Case Study: Innovating with cranberries

Fruit d’Or is the leader in cranberry and blueberry processing worldwide. The Quebec-based company has proven how organic farming and cutting-edge technology can come together to produce quality products.

For their brand SourCran, they wanted to ensure the success of a new product idea. They reached out to inBe to help them achieve this new milestone.

Case Study: Innovating with cranberries

What we did

• 2 web tests (concept & packaging)
• 1 home test
• Reporting, analysis and recommendations

Case Study: Innovating with cranberries

Iterative Approach:

• Measuring the potential of different ideas products
• Converge on product concepts
• Measure interest in product promise
• Confirm delivery of the promise to consumer
• Validate the taste/aroma of 3 different flavours
• Test different packaging concepts
• Validate the positioning

Case Study: Innovating with cranberries

Results & Learnings:

• Market target accuracy
• Adjustments to taste, flavour and flavour texture
• Focus on the right packaging design
• Choosing the right attributes to promote on the packaging
• Packaging adjustments are made to better manage expectations
• Generating ideas for news flavors

Trois personnes sourient chevauchant une fusée d'innovation en plein élan

“Home testing is an ideal tool to validate the performance of a product with the consumer in an environment that is as close as possible to the reality of real consumption and this, at a more than competitive cost!  Even in the midst of a pandemic, this test allowed us to validate the purchase intention and appeal of our new SourCran line before and after consumption and thus validate and adjust our overall product offering (both packaging and product).”

– Janick Masse, Senior Brand Manager, Patience Fruit&Co at Fruit d’Or, SourCran Products

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