Capture the voice of your consumers

through a secure technology platform
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A smart platform that saves you time

The inBe platform captures the voice of the consumer in a highly secure environment with real-time access as consumers weigh in!

As soon as responses are published, they are summarized in customized reports. Whether you’re curious to see the trends evolve as the number of respondents increases, or if you have to report on them earlier in the process, you have quick and real-time access.

A space of your own, adapted to your needs

Secure data

Highly secure platform with high standards of privacy and confidentiality. The security of your information is of the utmost importance. That’s why we proactively and routinely perform and successfully pass intrusion tests with external firms.

Automatic or customized reports

Offered as optional with the Subscription mode, our team will develop summary report templates according to your specific needs so that you can automate the summary of results ready to view and share with your team!

Turnkey coaching or training according to your desired level of autonomy

Offered as optional with the Subscription mode, our team will coach and train you on the platform in order to develop your autonomy for even more flexibility and savings! !

A proven methodology to anchor your performance in innovation