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Simplified market validation tool, from the initial development stage of a product.

Fast and direct access to consumer opinion.

That is inbe™


inbe™, the market validation tool
Powered by the consumer

Say goodbye to focus groups, surveys and other lengthy and expensive validation processes.
inbe™ enables you to validate the market by soliciting the advice of your end consumers on your products under development, right from the first design stages.

Increase your chances of success

inbe™ is the simplified market validation tool that provides direct and fast access to consumer opinion.

Validate concepts and designs at the initial stage of their development to accelerate innovation and increase the chances of success of your products.

1 Ask consumers

inbe™ allows to question qualified consumers with diverse profiles, and to interact with them in real time.


1 Facts

"The profile of the respondents really matched my needs. I find that inbe's platform is an easy and inexpensive way to validate our innovative ideas. " Marketing Director Food Industry

2 Launch products faster

inbe™ will get you feedback from consumers in just five days which will allow you to complete projects quickly in total confidentiality.


2 Facts

"We use inbe™ regularly for surveys across America. We usually get our results quickly. Receiving feedback from hundreds of respondents in less than a day is always impressive! " Product Manager Kitchen and bathroom industry

3 Support your decisions on reliable data

With advanced analysis tools, intelligent dashboards and comment analysis, inbe™ will help you make informed decisions based on reliable data.


3 Facts

"We think of developing a product in a certain way because it's easier in the factory, but that does not mean that it is what the consumer wants! By validating with inbe™, we avoid the costs of failures! "
Director Quality Control / Research and Development Food processing industry

4 Interact with the consumer

inbe™ allows you to interact continuously with consumers of your product to validate the market precisely.


4 Facts

"There are always biases when we do factory tests and even when we organize focus groups. Besides, it takes a lot of time, money and energy. With inbe™, I have the ability to validate my concepts over and over, with hundreds of people and have their feedback. It secures me and I feel I have control over what is happening. "
Marketing Coordinator Plastic processing industry

They chose Inbe!